Stress Management Techniques


Feeling of physical or emotional tension when you feel you cannot cope with the thing and you are unable to deal with the situation. You can learn to manage stress by using stress management techniques and can live a healthy and happy life you just need to know about the cause of stress. 

Stress management techniques at work

We may feel stress when things are out of control and we have to meet our deadlines. It may occur due to bad time management or due to a lack of cooperation. Stress can not only disturb your routine, health but it can also affect your job performance and you will never want to fire from your job.

Manage your stress at the workplace

Develop a healthy relationship with your coworkers so you can work in a healthy and friendly environment.
  • Try to meet deadlines by keeping an eye on your time.
  • Start your day with exercise and healthy meal so you have enough energy to work for your milestones.
  • As the famous saying, early to sleep early to rise healthy wealthy and wise, so try to sleep early so your brain should work actively and you will be able to complete your task on time.
  • Try to behave cool instead of getting aggressive and being argumentative. You can deal with the situation wisely just by controlling your aggressive nerves.
  • Try to find out which things cause stress, make a list, and try to deal with them or avoid them.
  • Accept your mistakes and failure through this way you will not feel the criticism of others, take the critics positively. Work on your weaknesses instead of fighting with others.

Stress control method

  • Think positive, when you will think positively automatically you are going to behave positively.
  • Keep in mind you cannot control everything so stop blaming yourself.
  • Adopt the habit of daily exercise. It will help you to fight with your stress.
  • Try to eat balanced and healthy food instead of fast food.
  • Try to manage your time, most of the time we got stress when we cannot complete the task in the given time.
  • Use relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation.
  • Breathing exercise for stress management helps a lot to reduce stress.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, drinks that contain caffeine.
  • Exercise for stress management exercises helps you to manage your stress.

Breathing exercise to manage stress

  • Breathing exercise seems to be more effective to control stress. 
  • follows these instructions:
  • Choose a comfortable place it can be a park, a green land, or your room.
  • Sit into a comfortable position
  • Get yourself out of all of the distractions like phone, computer, noise, etc.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath. 
  • Feel you are exhaling all of your stress
  • Inhale
  • Feel fresh air is filling your lungs with happiness
  • Relax
  • Take a deep breath again
  • All of your stress is getting out of your body
  • Inhale happiness
  • Try this process for 3 times more
  • You will feel relax and stress-free

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