Top-Five Freelancing Skills

People who sell their crafts online are known as freelancers. Making money without any power is impossible. Although all the skills are not equally paid, we have tried to highlight high paid skills. If you confused about which skill to adopt than read this article, this would help to know about 2020 on demanding skills through which you can earn $$$ daily. 

Creative Writing

Creative writing is also an all-time in-Demand skill. If you are not an expert in anything, then learn to write; learn to utilize your writing skills. You can watch online tutorials that will teach you about how to write a compelling blog or article. 

money can be earned on freelancing market if you are good at Website writing. 

You can also earn from:

  • Story/fiction writing. 
  • Lyrics writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Research and summarizes
  • Letters 
  • Web content
  • In short, if you have writing skills, this is going to support you enough for your monthly expenses.  

Mobile and web development

If you are right at mobile development, then you should congrats yourself because this is going to be in most wanted skills in 2020. IOS developers are considered as the most expensive freelancer because they charge good money for this work. 

Web development is considered as the all-time in-demand skill. People with mobile development skills also prefer to learn web development skills. 

SEO writer

SEO writing (this was probably one of the top 5 trends in 2019). If you are running a website, then it is an essential part to hire an SEO expert than can use appropriate words to rank your site. People that are expert in SEO they even charge $500 for hourly work. So this is also an ongoing and in-demand skill. You can get a paid or even free course on many online forums. 


People that do not have any specific skills, but they are aware of 2 or 3 languages than they can even earn money by providing translation services. On a freelancing forum, you will get clients from all over the world. Most of the people like Chinese, Arabic, and German hire people to translate their work into English. So with excellent English skills, you can become a part of a freelancing forum. 

Social media marking

After writing and SEO, this is one of the most popular skills. People with Social media marking skills can make a high amount of money. They are even charging more than $200 per hour. 

People that are expert in social media marking platform like Facebook twitter, Instagram they can make a package to offer their services, just like you can make three different packages on Fiverr.

If you are interested in working on an hourly basis, then you can choose a platform like people-per-hour, up work, guru. 

Choose any one of the skills that are given above; choose a freelancing market that you think is suitable for you. Offer your services to your clients and start making good money. 

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