Beauty complex: Can it lead to body dysmorphic disorder?

Everybody wants to look beautiful. Do you feel inferior yourself and feels you are less beautiful? It can result in serious mental illness and sometimes a disorder too. Taking care of your skin is natural, but thinking all the time and feeling your features are less attractive. Wait!!! Even after using many things, you are still not satisfied with your beauty; then you should consult a psychologist. 

What is body dysmorphic disorder?

It is a mental condition in which a person spends most of her time in thinking and worrying that they have many flaws in their appearance. Like their nose is big eyes are small, the body is thin etc. 

Although it affects both men and women, females are found to be more affected by this disorder. This disorder can be occurring at any age, like teenage or adulthood. Worrying about appearance all the time can also lead to other health and mental issues, and people may separate them self from society. 

What are the common symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder?

We are sharing a list of common symptoms that a person may experience in the start of disorder:

  • Continuously worrying about a specific area of your body, especially your face.
  • Comparing you from other peoples (like they have a more attractive face and features as compare to me). 
  • Watching mirror most of the day to see your features or you may avoid seeing mirror because you do not like your features like your face shape, skin tone etc. 
  • You make a lot of efforts to make yourself perfect like the use of makeup time to time with the aim to look perfect, by choosing different clothes etc. 
  • Have serious effects on your routine and daily life like your social life, job and personal relationships. 

Have symptoms of BDD? 

If you realize you are having symptoms of BDD then you should consult a psychologist, they will help you to get out of this complex and thinking that is disturbing your relationships and daily life. 

They will ask several questions like what did you feel? 

Do you go through surgery?

Do you think to harm yourself etc.? 

People find it difficult and feel embarrassing to share their thoughts with others but trust me, and it is important to treat; otherwise, it can lead to several other mental health issues. 

Is BDD is treatable? 

Yes, it is treatable. Your psychologist will help you to get out of this beautiful complex basing on the severity of your disorder. There are various treatments that they can use to treat your disorder. Some of the treatments are given below:

Cognitive behaviour therapy- CBT can help you to change your negative thoughts into a positive one. This therapy is found to be very effects in the treatment of BDD. 

Use of medicines- you may recommend using an antidepressant to overcome your thoughts although there are many antidepressants for BDD most commonly used fluoxitine, It will help you to reduce your BDD symptoms in the next 12 weeks. 

Causes of BDD

There can be the following causes of developing this disorder like:

  • You may have teased in your childhood that you look ugly and unattractive
  • It can also result due to a chemical imbalance
  • You may have developed this disorder due to genetics; your close relation may have to experience BDD. 

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