What is affiliate marketing?

, What is affiliate marketing?, the classic words

In simple words we can say that “earning commission by promoting or selling others products” You chose a product, promote it and sale it. On every successful you will get commission.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Affiliate marketer gets paid in any of following ways.

Pay per sale

On every successful sale merchant is going to pay marketer a commission.  For example an affiliate marketer sells a T-shirt in $30. Let’s suppose he gets $7 as commission. This $7 is earning which he is going to earn on every successful done through his affiliate link.

Pay per lead

Some affiliate marketing platforms pay their marketers on the basis of lead, which is also called lead generation. Lead can be a website visit or contact information, email address, mobile number. Through these leads an organization targets their customers for selling their products.

Pay per click

This is very simple process an affiliate marketer will get paid if any customer visits a website (store) from clicking at link or ad on affiliate marketers content or video. Affiliate marketer gets paid for increasing web traffic.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

For brands affiliate marketing is very important as it brings a huge traffic on website in a very low cost. In other words products of a brand are promoted in a very little investment.

Brand awareness is another benefit that can be obtained through affiliate marketing. It allows new companies – small or large – to grow their brand awareness by increasing the audience base, acquiring customers who have not previously heard about them.

Platforms for affiliate marketing;

There are hundreds of platforms available online for affiliate marketing. Here I am going to discuss a few of these platforms.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate program also known as Amazon associates it gives websites owners or bloggers a chance to promote Amazon products on their websites/blogs and when someone purchases any product from their affiliate link, Amazon associate will get commission from that sale. Amazon affiliate program is very famous and thousands of people all over the world are using Amazon affiliate program and earning good money.

Aliexpress affiliate

Aliexpress is china based online retail service that is owned by Alibaba Group.  Same like Amazon affiliate program, Aliexpress is also having an affiliate program. Aliexpress uses tracking software to monitor sales. Aliexpress affiliates earn a good commission. Every affiliate will earn commission on the base of product category.


Clickbank is online retail website that was launched in 1998. For using clickbank as affiliate marketing you don’t need a website or blog. Just register yourself with clickbank (free), chose product that is best for you and promote it through social media or through any other marketing platform, you will get a huge commission on every sale.

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