February 2020 - the classic words


What is Depression? Depression can be described as the mental health condition that can be caused by over-thinking, isolation, being sad all the time. These symptoms may disturb his/her daily routine, and he may lose his interest in daily activities. When depression is at its peak, it may involve suicidal thoughts. Symptoms can be for a short time […]


Almost everyone on any stage of life suffers from headaches.  There are many types of headaches. Here we are going to discuss some most common headaches, its causes, and treatments. Migraines A sudden pain arouses on one side of head or migraine headache can be called half head pain. It lasts from 5 minutes to 2 days. A […]

Heart Attack

A heart attack is the number 1 cause of death every year; almost 17.9 million people are died because of it. According to data from the united states of America, 1.5 million heart attacks occurs every year, and these heart attacks take the lives of 800000 people. What is a heart attack? A heart attack occurs when heart […]


It can be defined as a range of behaviour that can cause physical and emotional harm to others. An aggressive person may lose his control and may hurt the person standing in front of him/her. Aggression can be a vital reason to break social bounties like verbal abuse, damaging someone personal property. A person with aggressive feeling may […]

How to lose weight?

There are hundreds of weight loss tips, diets and supplements are available online, but most of them are scientifically not proven. Here I am sharing a few strategies that can help you to lose weight quickly and these are scientifically proven Intermittent fasting   Regular short term fasting can be very healthy for you; it is scientifically proven that […]

Top-Five Freelancing Skills

People who sell their crafts online are known as freelancers. Making money without any power is impossible. Although all the skills are not equally paid, we have tried to highlight high paid skills. If you confused about which skill to adopt than read this article, this would help to know about 2020 on demanding skills through which you […]

How to make money on Fiverr

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers. Fiverr provides a two-sided platform; one side for freelancers can sell their expertise like article writing, web development, mobile app development, data entry, graphic designing, and hundreds of other skills. On the second side, buyers can buy their required services. Fiverr is the most comfortable platform to step […]

Stress Management Techniques

Stress Feeling of physical or emotional tension when you feel you cannot cope with the thing and you are unable to deal with the situation. You can learn to manage stress by using stress management techniques and can live a healthy and happy life you just need to know about the cause of stress.  Stress management techniques at work […]